List of products by brand SEN

Chain Earrings



Large silver chain earrings. The top links can be worn separately. Also, multiple pairs of earrings can be connected to form a complete necklace-chain. Earring length - 7 cm.

    Silver Ball Chain Earrings


    Material: Silver

    Design: Minimalist Movable Spheres

    Size: Large Version

    These silver earrings a vertical chain of polished silver balls. Each sphere is crafted to move freely, adding an element of playfulness to this minimalist design. The large version of these earrings makes a bold statement, perfect for adding a contemporary edge to any look.

      Heart mono earring



      The silver heart mono earring.
      It features a detachable pendant that can be worn on a chain,
      while the earring hoop can be worn as a standalone piece.



        This necklace features a modular link design, offering the flexibility to disassemble
        it and wear the components as earrings or a bracelet.
        It is constructed from silver.

          Hoop Mono Earring



          The Essential Contemporary Mono Hoop Earring. Made of silver. Unisex. Diameter: 2 cm.

            Wide Ear Cuff



            Silver ear cuff. 
            Pairs well with a Upper Ear Cuff